Kenny Mercer and Shawn Jones, members of Rescue and the LART (Large Animal Rescue Team), attach a sling to a cows legs to remove her from the mud. (1-30-01)
Sheriff Al Cannon, S.O. Animal Control Officers and Rescue Squad Members which make up part of the Large Animal Rescue Team (LART), rescue three deer trapped in pluff mud in Simmons Bay in Mt. Pleasant.
This rescue has been featured on Animal Planet.  (1-26-01)
The Coastal LART is one of five designated teams in the state organized under the direction of Clemson University Livestock-Poultry Health as a part of South Carolina State Emergency Support Function - 17.  Charleston County Rescue Squad has been designated the Coordinating Agency for the Coastal LART.
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   Office Animal Control
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If you are interested in participating in the Coastal Large Animal Rescue Team,  please drop me an e-mail or call me.

Looking for volunteers with experience in any or all of the following requirements:

~ Large Animal Behavior
~ Technical Rescue
~ Hazmat Operations or
   Awareness Level
~ Familiar with Incident
  Command System
~ Have an understanding
   of laws that apply to
   animal control
~ Understanding of
  controlled substances
  used in dealing with
  sedating large animals
~ Licensed Vet. in State
  of South Carolina
More than just horses and cows, students at a LART Class held January 20 & 21, 2001 in Beaufort, SC, were introduced to not only Horse's but Lamas, Pigs, Cow's, Turkeys and an Emu.   Dealing with any of these animal present a variety of dangers and hazards. Responders can become victims rather quickly if not prepared or trained to handle animal related emergencies.
~ Felton Fire Dept.
Equine Rescue Page
~ Clemson
University Large Animal Rescue
Bobbie modeling the Anderson Equine Rescue Sling.  This sling has been featured on several animal rescue programs and was used to make numerous horse and mule rescues during the Hurricane Floyd floods in North Carolina.
~ Univ. Calif. Davis - Anderson Sling
Loggerhead Turtle Rescue
Rescuers work to save Lucky!
Bobbie (in a regular size) and Barbie (in a pony size, which is too small for her but we needed a model) are shown here modeling their new head protection.  These hood will be used for training and actual responses to help protect injured horses from additional head injuries.  These head protectors were purchased through donations from local horse owners for the LART program from Shank's Veterinary Equipment in Milledgeville, IL.
A display of Animal Rescue and Safety Equipment belonging to the Rescue Squad Large Animal Rescue Team and Sheriff's Office.
LART Team members as well as St. Johns FD and Staff from Edisto Equine Clinic assist in the rescue of an escaped cow that ended up about 1000 feet into the marsh off of Main Road.  The Cow, exhausted, was treated by the vet., to prevent leg and hip damage, with calcium before she was secured onto the equine rescue sled and hauled to high ground by Rescue 8.   After the cow refused to get back in the trailer the owner of the property bought the her for his wife to be a pet so she wouldn't have to go to slaughter.
The world is based on a horses behind!
An injured horse is being readied to be lifted and supported by the Anderson Sling.  The Horse had  injuries related to HYPP.
A Horse at Black Bottom Stables was trapped in the mud for several hours and is shown wearing some of the Anderson Sling used to get him back on this feet.
~Natural Halters Article
~ Large Animal Disaster Planning
~ Norco, Ca. Fire Dept.,  Large Animal Rescue Team
Members of the LART, Charleston County Rescue Squad, City of Charleston Fire Dept respond to a Horse Trailer Accident on I-526
Photo by Bill Murton, Chasn PD
LART Team members assist Berkeley County Animal Control Rescue a horse from a septic tank.
~ HAST Article
Rescues worked for four hours to rescue a Buck Deer from the spoils of Clouter Island in the Cooper River.
Photo by Bill Murton, Chasn PD
Helicopter Rescue in Idaho using Anderson Sling
~ Graymour Acres -
Lessons, Training
& Boarding
designed with Homestead
The LART Team was requested to assist the Sheriff’s Office - Animal Control Division in moving a down horse from Wannamaker County Park after it suffered a fractured leg.  The Horse was moved to a facility in Summerville where in could be lifted by a sling in hopes of it recovering.
Team members assist NOAA in the recovery of a Dead Dolphin that had washed up at the Passenger Terminal in Down Town Charleston
June 2006 the LAR Team took delivery of a 2006 custom designed Ponderosa Horse Trailer to be used as an Equine Ambulance.  The trailer is equip with a removable 2000 lb winch inside to pull injuries animal inside for transport to a clinic for treatment.  Trailer features rear ramp escape doors on both sides and storage in front for Large Animal Rescue Equipment.  Funding for the trailer was provided by the Exchange Club of Charleston and US Riders.
Equine  Preparedness Assistance & Shelters

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Clemson Livestock Poultry Health
Planning information for CART - LART- DART in Charleston County
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